Square Business Cards 3 x 3-500 cards printed Full Color 1-side on 14PT C2S Cover with UV Coating


Make your unique business stand out
• Dimensions : 63.5 x 63.5 mm
• A unique look, great for featuring logos or photos
• Also work as product tags, instruction cards and more

A unique look. A can’t-miss card.

You and your business are unique, so you deserve a unique visiting card! Our square visiting cards (63.5 x 63.5 mm) have a unique look (and feel) that sets them apart from standard shapes. They’ve got a great layout for showcasing your product photos or logo, and they help give your company an interesting & creative vibe.

Choosing your stock

  • Glossy (350 gsm) : Light-catching gloss that complements vivid designs. Feels slick front & back. Best for vibrant designs. Avoid using for white designs.
  • Standard Matte (350 gsm) : Coated, smooth feel and easy readability. Feels varnished front & back. Best for light-coloured designs. Avoid using for designs with dark & vibrant colours.
  • Premium Matte (320 gsm) : Japanese Ivory Kentex paper with a stiff and smooth matte surface. Ideal for designs with deep & rich colours. Avoid for designs with fine details.
  • Premium Textured (280 gsm) : Elegant, textured paper with a rich feel. Feel lightly woven. Best for designs that use less ink. Avoid using for designs with all-over printing.
  • Premium Velvet touch (350 gsm) : Smooth & velvety coating that feels unique. Great for colourful or darker designs. Avoid using for mostly white or light-coloured designs.
  • Premium Pearl (250 gsm) :  Gentle shimmer cream coloured paper with a smooth, polished feel.

Tips for a professional look
• Be sure to include your name, designation and contact info.
• For readability, don’t go any smaller than 10-point font.
• Have some white space, so your design isn’t cluttered.